Ukraine: Molotov cocktail, Barricades, Revolution

What goes on in the soul of a policewoman forced to fight against her people, just because this is her job? Street fighting goes on in Kiev, policemen are continuously attacked by protesters with artisan weaponry and Molotov cocktails

Russia: Pussy Riot Band Member Missing

Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, member of the punk-rock band Pussy Riot, is sentenced to two years of prison, on grounds of hooliganism and religious hatred. Just a couple of months before her release, she is transferred to Siberia, as retribution for her hunger strike. Her family loses contact with her, while she is missing for a number of weeks.

Poland: Angel of Death - A Visit into the Past

Olga, a Jewish woman, returns to Auschwitz and reminisces of the nightmare she had been going through. She recalls the way her family had been killed and the terror she had been submitted to.

USA: the Ugliest Woman in the World. A Beautiful Soul

Lizzie Velasquez suffers from a rare disease, which prevents her from gaining weight, and which was conducive to her losing sight of her right eye. She had been called “the ugliest woman in the World”. Despite all her problems, she became a motivational speaker, redefining the concept of Beauty.

North Korea : Life on the Other Side

Hyeonseo Lee fled North Korea in 1997. She first witnessed a public execution when she was only 7 years old. Currently, she lives in South Korea and helps North Korean refugees. In 2013 she presented her story on the TED scene.

Pakistan: Teenagers Killed for Dancing in the Rain

A video clip showing two girls dancing in the rain outrages the local community. The fury generated by breaking religious rules culminates when the two girls and their mother are killed by a group of five men, in an attempt to mend the honor of the family they belonged to.

India, Gang Rape: Tradition Claims it’s the Victim’s Fault

A 22-year-old photo-journalist woman was gang-raped by five men in Mumbai. Official statistics indicate that a rape occurs in India every 18 hours. According to Indian traditions, a rape victim is responsible for what happened to her and is ostracized.

Syria: Human Rights Infringement

A Romanian woman, married for 15 years to a Syrian man, escapes from Syria just before the war breaks out in the town she was living in. She succeeds in fleeing the country with her three children, while her husband is forced to remain there.

USA: An Original Way of Preparing for Mastectomy

Just before her double mastectomy intervention, Deborah Cohan dances in the surgery room along with the surgeons and the nurses, in a unique way of celebrating life.

Molotov cocktail, revolution
Ukraine Molotov cocktail, revolution
Pussy Riot member missing
Russia Pussy Riot member missing
The Angel of Death
Poland, Auschwitz The Angel of Death
U.S.A. World's ugliest woman
Celebrating life before mastectomy
U.S.A. Celebrating life before mastectomy
Life across the border
North Korea Life across the border
Teenagers killed for dancing
Pakistan Teenagers killed for dancing
Human rights infringement
Syria Human rights infringement
Victims of gang rape accused
India Victims of gang rape accused